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Calendars Printing

Calendars are used everywhere to know dates and schedules. It can be best opportunity for companies to market their products as there is plenty of room available on calendars for marketing. Calendars are usually printed on 1 page, 6 pages or 12 pages and in table tent calendar form too. You can either assign each product to each month and each page and it depends how you want to present your products to your customers.

Calendars is only product with keeps hanging out there with your customer for one complete year. Full colour designed calendar attracts more users, effective products display on calendars is fully dependent on designing. In case of 1 page calendars you have limited space to display your information whereas on 6 and 12 pages calendars has more space for data. Here are some other types of calendars listed.

Another type of calender is table tent type calendars as well as table schedule calendars. We offer full colour and black and white printing for calendars printing. We use CMYK / PMS printing processes to print your calendars. Our calendars are eco-friendly and we use paper and card both for printing. After printing calendars are laminated with Gloss or matt finishes. Calendar pages are bind together using variety of binding types; such as

  1. Saddle Stitch binding
  2. Staple binding
  3. Wire-O binding and more.

With Wire-O binding there are various colours and types of wires available; Single Coil Wire-O, Double and triple Coil Wire-O. They usually come in Black and white but custom colour wire-O’s can be arranged.

Bee Printing uses fully automatic printing machines to print calendars, we do custom size and shapes calendars as well. Some calendars require really thick card on the cover, we can print thick cards and if required can cover it using leather cover.

It is very important to choose your calendars printing from a best quality printer like beeprinting and go for thick paper as most calendars require pictures printing and if you would like printing on both sides then paper has to be really thick so that second side printing do not bleed on first side.

If you need die cut calendars or table tent calendars with custom shape we can do that for you. You can call us or send us an email for custom quote on calendars printing.

We provide best quality printing and free shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or all over Australia and New Zealand.


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