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Large Format Printing

Large Size printing on any material including vinyl , paper, Sticker and banner is available. Mostly large size printing is done on water proof material as it is mostly used outdoor.

Looking for wall decorative or labels to out on very big sign, this all is done using digital large format printing machine which can print from 2.5meter height to about 60meter width whereas even bigger sizes can be done. Printer use CMYK colours to print sharp colours which are further protected with lamination. Desired effects can also be achieved by lamination, You can get Gloss or Matte Finishes.

It is critical to supply us with big enough file to print. The size of the artwork need to be in the size of actual print to avoid blur or pixilerated print. Consult our professional designing team if need any assistance. Free Designs and shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Victoria or all over Australia and New Zealand


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