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Business Cards

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Business Cards Printing

Make an impression with Business cards in your business.It is very important to skillfully design and print your business cards. You need to be accurate and precise in choosing what information to put on for customers to know. You can print your business cards in many different designs and colours based on your industry or brand theme, We offer many types of business cards

  • Standard Business Cards: Have both standard , slim and Square Sizes, Many times of card stock options available
  • Ultra Thick Business Cards: Use custom thickness ,luxurious card, Texture cards to make it eye catching
  • Edge Painting: Add unique colours at the edge of your business cards to make your them branded and unique. works best on uncoated cards
  • Folded Business Cards: Folded in two or custom folds for more information display to stay in style
  • Die-cut Business Cards: Get custom shape for your business card.

Business cards can be printed on different card stocks and with many colour combinations depending on your design and organizational standards to personalize your business identity. To make your business cards more attractive, you can use many techniques such as

  • Foil Stamping
  • Die-Cut Printing
  • Emboss or Deboss Printing
  • Ink Spot / Spot UV Printing

Ink spot printing allows you to apply printing or varnish at a particular area, for instance if you have a logo which is printed in four colours and you want spot varnish applied on it which will give 3D effect on the business card and can give keep your brand or trademark’s identity alive. Business cards are printed using up’s in printing and each colour is printed individually to make full colour printing in the end and if you want to show emboss or de-boss effect on your business card that is also possible by emboss die or by emboss thick pigment paint which is applied to emboss area to give thick printing effect.

Business cards are normally printed in standard size of 50mm x 90mm or 90mm x 50mm and in that you can have many different types as well such as horizontal business cards 90mm x 50mm or vertical business card 50mm x 90mm which are two types of standard shape business cards printing and there is another type of business cards printing which is called folded business cards printing, in which business card is folded just like invitation card and information is displayed inside the card.

Furthermore you can customize size and shape of the business card based on your requirements. In die cutting your product is cut to a specific shape which you require or your product may have custom die cutting with in the product. We offer die cut business cards and you can customize shapes of your business card to your design or whatever is your requirement. We offer full colour business cards printing and here are some terms used for full colour business cards printing

  • 4/0 – Full Colour Front / No Print on Back
  • 4/1 – Full Colour Front / One colour on reverse
  • 4/4 – Full Colour Front / Full Colour Back

Once a business card is printed in full colour, it’s printing is protected with lamination or varnish spray, lamination can be done in either gloss or matte. Gloss lamination give ultimate glow or shine to your design whereas matte is dull lamination without any shine, it depends on your design to choose a particular type of lamination for your cards.

Foil Stamping is another printing technique through which a metal foil is pressed with card to give metallic effect on a specific area. If you are a designer or want business cards for art gallery, you can foil stamp your logo or signature to make it stand out.

Business card printing is a perfect opportunity to market your profession and to evolve your industry to your clients. You can get most out of your business cards by avoiding common mistakes by getting printing done from best online printer!

If you have any questions about your business cards printing service you may call us or send us an email. Our customer services center operate 24/7. BeePrinting provide best quality business cards printing services at cheap price and free shipping  in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or all over Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. cbakes
    5 out of 5

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    The business cards I received from BeePrinting have really exceeded my expectations. I ordered two different sets – one for the director and one for the general sales staff. We went for a classic card for the sales staff. The quality of these cards represents great value for money. They are printed on high quality card, the colours are vibrant and the finish is glossy. The information is clear and easy to read.
    For the director we chose a much fancier card design. We chose a thick card, embossed with his name and foil stamping. This card stands out! You can really feel the quality. The information really stands out. The whole process was easy with BeePrinting assisting to make sure the design of the cards matched our brand perfectly.

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